Violation Fees

Violation Fees

All parking fines and fees can be paid on the Parking Portal or at Campus Services’ Customer Service area. Citation(s) and fine(s) not paid or appealed within ten (10) working days are subject to a $10.00 late fee.   Students with unpaid fines/citations may have registration holds placed on their records until the delinquency has been cleared. Unpaid fines and fees owed by Faculty and Staff may be deducted from payroll checks.

If any vehicle is cited repeatedly for violations, Parking Services may, at its discretion, revoke a patron’s parking privilege(s) to park in University parking facilities.  Parking Services and the Georgia State University Police may remove or immobilize a vehicle at the owner’s expense, for violation of parking rules and regulations.

• $10 Motorcycle parked in an unauthorized area.

• $15 Improper display of permit.

• $15 Parking in an unauthorized area.

• $15 Parking in a loading zone.

• $15 Parking along the curb.

• $15 Obstructing traffic.

• $25 Parking without a displayed parking permit.

• $25 Altering a parking permit.

• $25 Parking in a fire lane.

• $25 Parking beyond parking space.

• $25 Parking beyond allowed time in a timed zone area.

• $40 Fee for booting a vehicle.

• $40 Parking in a No Parking Zone.

• $75 Parking in a handicap space without proper permit/tag.

“…The several institutions of the University System of Georgia are authorized to adopt appropriate traffic rules and regulations governing the control, direction, parking and general regulation of traffic and automobiles, including the authority to impose reasonable penalties and traffic assessments or fines in connection therewith, on the respective campuses, streets, and other properties under the jurisdiction and control of the individual institutions concerned.” (Revised March 23, 1984)

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