Faculty and Staff

Faculty/Staff can either choose a Budget Card that allows for a discounted pay per park entry, or a Payroll Deduction Permit which is a monthly parking permit that allows for unlimited entries. Employees that pay per entry can park at any staff/faculty.

Faculty/staff registering need to fill out a Employee Parking Registration Form and then visit Auxiliary and Support Services, Suite 200 University Bookstore Building with a valid PantherCard I.D. to pick up their permit.

Parking deck/lot assignments for faculty and staff are made relative to the location of the employee’s office on campus and are based on space availability.

A maximum of two vehicles owned by the applicant and registered to the same address may be registered for a parking permit.  Although only one permit per person will be issued, drivers are permitted to transfer the permit between the two registered vehicles.  Employees should clearly display their parking permits from the rear view mirror or driver’s side of the dashboard.  Parking enforcement will routinely monitor the decks.

Parking for Part-time Instructors/Temporary Employees/Visiting Scholars

Part-time instructors, temporary employees, and visiting scholars may obtain a Budget Card parking permit while they are employed by Georgia State University.  Present a temporary parking I.D. form from Human Resources to Auxiliary and Support Services, 200 University Bookstore Building to obtain daily parking access.   Since the Budget Card is a prepaid, return the card at the end of employment for a refund of any remaining balance on the card.

Regular parking fees apply for part-time instructors, temporary employees and visiting scholars.

Contact Auxiliary and Support Services at 404-413-9500 for additional parking information.

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