Parking for People with Disabilities

Disability parking locations on-campus is only for drivers with state-issued disability license plates or state-issued disability placards.  Individuals with either identification may park in any unoccupied “disability parking” space on-campus.  The standard parking rates apply for all parking spaces including disability spaces.

Drivers with temporary impairments that limit their mobility cannot be granted access to legally designated “disability parking” spaces on-campus.  These individuals may be assigned to or granted temporary parking in a lot or deck closer to their destination if they can provide the following documentation to Auxiliary and Support Services:

1. A medical doctor’s letter must be on file at Auxiliary and Support Services before an individual is given this specific temporary parking permit. An original letter from the individual’s doctor must be written on the physician’s letterhead, dated, and signed by the doctor. (Signature from a nurse, intern, physician’s assistant, or written on a prescription pad will not be valid.)

2. The original letter must state the following:
a. Nature of the diagnosis.
b. The expected duration of the condition (with starting date and ending date).
c. A statement as to the patient having difficulty walking and that the individual needs to have closer parking for the duration of the condition.

Please direct any questions regarding disability parking or temporary (health reasons) parking at the University to Auxiliary and Support Services at 404-413-9500.

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