Payroll Deduction Parking Permit

Payroll Deduction Registration
• Employees must be eligible for benefits in order to register for payroll deduction parking.
• Parking is $60 per month for all faculty/staff parking decks and lots with payroll deduction.
• If you are bi-weekly, the deduction is $30 each pay period.
• A pro-rated payment may be required for the current month with the pre-taxed payroll deduction starting the following month or depending on your pay schedule.
• Employees are required to return permits to avoid a$25 non-return/lost fee.

Employee Parking Registration Form

Payroll Deduction Assignments
Parking Services assigns parking based on both proximity and availability. (Click on the deck/lot below for building assignments)

Alumni Hall, Arts & Humanities, Classroom South, Counseling Center, Langdale Hall, Kell Hall, Library South & North, Urban Life, Sports Arena, Sparks Hall, Student Center, Petit Science Center
Aderhold, Andrew Young, College of Business, Natural Science Center, College of Education, One Park Place, School of Music, 10 Park Place
Parking facility for Professional Administration, President, Provost, VP's, Student & Visitors ONLY [/item Part-Time Instructors, Temporary Employees, Vendors, Contractors (Faculty and Staff may park if S-Deck is full)
Assigned based on availability and location of employee's primary office
Handicapped parking with state-issued handicap parking permit
Rialto Center for the Arts and School of Music
75 Piedmont Building
25 Park Place and 75 Piedmont

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