University Lofts

General Information

No parking attendant on duty. This deck is for residents of the Lofts, Greek Housing, Freshmen Hall, and Non-Resident Semester permits, some faculty and staff.

Students are required to register their vehicle online at ParkingWeb.  University Lofts residents are accommodated before any non-tenant parking is issued in the Lofts Deck.  Remaining available permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis on ParkingWeb at the beginning of each semester.  Dates will be announced on the Parking and Transportation home page.

Semester permitted parking with 24/7, overnight, parking access is available to all University Lofts, Patton Hall, and Greek Housing residents.  Parking is paid in advance each semester. Resident parking permits are valid only for the semester issued.  Re-registration is required at the beginning of each semester. Resident parkers are responsible for the parking fees until the permit is returned to the Parking and Transportation department.  Permits should be displayed on the rear-view mirror or dashboard at all times.  There is no visitor parking in the Lofts parking deck.

Non-resident parking accessibility is the same as that for M Deck. Overnight parking is prohibited.  After registering a vehicle, non-residents are required to pay the entire semester parking fee before a Lofts Deck parking permit is issued.  Availability of non-resident parking is entirely dependent on the demand of Lofts Deck parking by University Lofts residents.  Therefore, receiving a non-resident parking permit for one semester does not guarantee permit availability for any subsequent semesters.  Permits should be displayed on the rear-view mirror or dashboard at all times.

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