Faculty and Staff Parking Fees

Faculty/Staff parking (for benefits eligible employees) is available through payroll deduction. Employees should periodically review their paychecks to ensure parking fees are being accurately deducted. If there are concerns or questions, please contact Parking Services at 404-413-9500.

The rates to park at on-campus parking locations are:

• $7.00 for faculty/staff without a parking permit or budget card
• $5.00 per entry with a valid Georgia State University PantherCard ID
• $3.50 per entry with a valid Georgia State University Budget Card
• $2.00 per entry after 4 PM with a budget card or valid Georgia State University PantherCard ID
• $18.00 per semester for Motorcycles/Mopeds at G deck
• $60.00 per month for all faculty/staff parking decks and lots with payroll deduction

(Parking fees subject to change)

To Cancel Payroll Deduction
Employees may stop payroll deduction only once during the 10 or 12 month period (July 1 – June 30) except if on official leave or in favor of alternative means of transportation.

To cancel payroll deductions, the parking permit must be returned to Parking Services immediately. Please allow 30 days for Human Resources to process the change. Permit will be prorated based on the date the permit is returned.

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